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‘Resilience’ (2018)

(Soapstone, 24K Gold Leaf, 5"x6"x16")

$3900.00CDN, tax inc.

This piece honours the act of surviving the less-than-enviable surprises life can sometimes bestow. When this piece broke in my hands after 60+ hours of work, I chose to repair it using my humble take on a Japanese tradition called Kintsugi. Literally meaning ‘Golden Joinery’ and stemming from a broader concept called wabi-sabi, the idea is rather than disposing of the broken the object or attempting to hide the mend, one is asked to embrace the ‘imperfection’ and emphasize the repair using the finest materials possible. In this case I used 24K gold leaf. The golden vein becomes an integral part of the story of the object, therefore extending its usefulness and increasing its beauty. .

I can’t help thinking we would all be a little better off if we embraced our own scars and imperfections. And perhaps only then would we gain the ability to recognize, embrace and honour the same in others.

'Resilience' process pics

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