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‘Padauk’ (2017)

(pronounced: Pah-dook)

Padauk wood, set in Soapstone, 4”x4”x15”

Curved elegance. A dance between two elements, creating a third. 


Or ‘How the w(hole) can be greater than the sum of its parts’ 

Those who know me know I am an unapologetic romantic and this piece is no exception. It is all about true Love and authentic connection.  


In my mind, a third of the way up the sculpture is where our consciousness begins. And as we grow, we dance.


And if we are fortunate enough, we meet someone with whom we truly connect. Together, we nurture and grow a new third element, represented by the floating ring. 


This third element, suspended with an almost invisible touch, illuminates the first two elements, allowing the piece as a w(hole) to radiate an elegant beauty that represents in my mind and heart nothing less than the very birth of Love.  


It is a celebration of the magic that is possible and a trophy for anyone has experienced something similar or wants to manifest this kind of experience in their lives.  

*Currently in a private collection*

'Padauk' process pics

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