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(pink alabaster, shale, granite, 15cmX32cmX20cm, 2021)

Kindness burns a hole through darkness and dark times. It is a secret light that illuminates from within.

We spent many hours down by the water these last few months and the kids would run their individual 'shops', trading shells and sparkly stones with us and each other.

It was comforting seeing them play so well together, each scouring the shore looking for what the other wanted and then proudly displaying their treasures.

Sure, there were fits and screams and tantrums along the way, but there was always a through-line of kindness that I think enabled them to more easily navigate the multiple unknowns we were experiencing .

I hope, like all parents do, that this habit sticks. I think it will. I'm slightly biased but they really are the best kids ever.

*Currently in a private collection*


'Kindness' process pictures

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