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(Soapstone, Padauk wood, 12”x7”x17”)


Alchemy is the magical transformation of a base material into gold. 


I felt it was important to create a sculpture to represent the transformation that can happen when Love enters your life and changes it for the better. 


Be it a friend, a lover, a baby, a fur baby, or a life partner - This relationship changes you in a fundamental way; Life is suddenly richer, food is even more delicious, you’re kinder, stronger, happier, you have more patience and as a result the world around you subtly shifts in a positive direction. 


It’s easy to be cynical and dismiss this idea as naive or 

or perhaps a bit saccharine but I believe this phenomenon should be celebrated unapologetically.


After all, this (and ONLY this) will get us through our darkest days. 


And then we’re Gold(en). 

*Currently in a private collection*

'Alchemy' process pictures
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