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Robertson_SeanC, Hope.jpeg

'Hope' - (2020)

 (Soapstone, 24K gold leaf, 11”x5”x20”)

$5200.00CDN, tax inc.


The result of a bold image I couldn’t un-see, hiding in thin layers of crystallized steatite.


The lessons came fast and without warning: Tread gently. Breathe. Focus. Find balance. If I listened to these words I would be rewarded at the end of each session with a sculpture still intact.


The centre of the piece, with its floating golden egg shape (and descending tunnel to the ‘back’ of the sculpture) is gilded in 24K gold and conceived to collect and reflect light from behind, illuminating the sculpture from the inside and creating a warm golden glow. 

*'Hope' is currently in a Private Collection*

Process pics of 'Hope'

Selected Process pictures of 'Hope'
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