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(soapstone, redwood) 2021

23cmX33cmX74cm [9"x13"x29"]

$5500.00 CDN

I started this piece four months into a global pandemic with the hope that we were providing enough support for our next generation to navigate this new reality.  

Notice how the outer ribbon of the stone provides a shelter or framework for the inner to build upon and thrive and how it all originates from the same place? There is flow and renewal in the form. Also the ripples in the wood (storm-felled redwood) a reminder of our influence on everything around us. 


Hopes, inspirations, aspirations, and wisdom nuggets all woven into this one-of-a-kind sculpture.


*'Generations' is currently available for collection through the O'Connor Gallery in Gananoque, Ontario 1(343)363-6844

IMG_2733 2.PNG

'Generations' process pics

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