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'Communal Wisdom'

(Brazilian Soapstone, Padauk wood, 2021)

Mushrooms and their micillil network are like nature's internet. Underground, this network enriches the soil, determines which plants and trees need more nutrients and then delivers it to them. It is a complex and highly efficient network, not unlike a village and the way villagers looks out for each other.


I have experienced the benefit of this kind of network in my hometown of Chester, Nova Scotia my entire life.

Wisdom from countless teachers, volunteers and coaches of my early days to my first job at the Captain's House under the hawk-like eye of Nicki Butler. To 'Miss Morsh' finding us a wedding venue on the eve of a hurricane - and what felt like the entire village contributing to the meal!


This type of wisdom is less about knowing facts and figures and more about knowing what's needed and taking action.


My family and I benefitted from this communal wisdom in spades here in Chester and we are most grateful.

*Currently in a private collection*


'Communal Wisdom' process pictures

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